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What should I do if my child was taken to a foreign country?

International marriages are more common than ever, and that means that international divorces are also on the rise. These situations get particularly complicated when children are involved -- especially if the foreign spouse decides to take the child outside of the United States and back to his or her home country.

What are my rights as a Florida grandparent?

Florida is a popular spot for retirees and elderly individuals, but that doesn't mean grandparents have an easy time safeguarding their right to visit with their grandkids. In fact, Florida's grandparent visitation laws are don't protect very much in terms of visitation rights, but they do offer some protections.

Virtual visitation is just as important as real visitation

Florida parents who have the chance to live with their children are truly fortunate. There are many parents who don't have full-time access to their children. Usually, the parent who doesn't live with his or her child full-time is awarded visitation rights. These rights could allow the parent to spend only a handful of days with his or her child each month. However, what about the other days? Can the parent continue to maintain contact with the child?

How to petition for child custody

In the state of Florida, parents who are in the process of getting a divorce will have the custody of their children decided during their divorce process. As for parents who have not yet started their divorce, they can file a child custody petition in the appropriate circuit court.

Factors that make 50-50 child custody work

There are many benefits and advantages for 50-50 child custody -- both for parents and for children. For this reason, Florida courts are more than willing to agree to 50-50 custody arrangement when the parents are willing and able to make this plan work.

Can I protect our child from knowing ugly divorce details?

Divorce is not always pretty. You might be completely in favor of settling and resolving issues peacefully and fairly. However, if the other spouse adopts a contentious -- or downright spiteful -- position, you may have no choice but to engage in a divorce battle in court to protect your rights.

Parental challenges when navigating a divorce

It's hard to be a parent. You need to be a psychologist, a disciplinarian, a worker earning a living, a cook, a housekeeper and a nanny all in one. When faced with the added complexity of going through a divorce and needing to assume all parenting responsibilities by yourself, the challenges of parenting can become overwhelming fast.

New research shows that shared child custody is best

When two parents divorce, they can choose a lot of different strategies when it comes to sharing custody of their children. However, one thing -- according to psychologists -- will help the children have a happy and healthy future: The ability of children to spend regular time with both parents.

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