A Court-Appointed Guardian Ad Litem Advocating For Children's Interests First

When divorce and other family law issues arise, too often it is the children who are forgotten. Although they are the ones who need someone advocating for them more than anyone else, they are often lost in the shuffle and given the least consideration.

Our Role As A Broward County Court-Appointed Guardian Ad Litem

For the Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph, P.A., however, advocating for children in the Florida courts is one of the highest priorities. A guardian ad litem or court-appointed guardian is a person appointed by the court to serve as an advocate on behalf of children involved in legal proceedings. She is often asked to make recommendations on custody, relocation, time sharing, supervision, parenting plans, special needs parenting plans and parental decision-making as well as other child-related issues in divorce, paternity and modification cases.

Plantation, Florida, certified guardian ad litem and attorney Kelley A. Joseph has been appointed more than 30 times by the Florida courts to serve in this role.

"One of the things that my clients appreciate about working with me is my commitment to making sure the best interests of the children are never forgotten in the proceedings. Because I have earned the trust of the court to advocate for children in the system, and because of my own personal experience as a mother of an autistic child, my clients know that I will be trustworthy and empathetic with their child-related divorce matters, as well." ∙ Plantation Lawyer Kelley A. Joseph

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