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April 2012 Archives

What constitutes child neglect?

Disputes concerning child custody are often riddled with complications. It often becomes a matter of which party one is going to believe. And sometimes all of the contradictory statements and information that is entered into evidence makes a determination as to what is best for the children extremely difficult.

Warren Sapp files bankruptcy while owing back child support

It's easy to forget how difficult it can be for the custodial parent to collect on current or back child support obligations. Sometimes it's even more difficult to collect from individuals one would assume have easy access to funds. Such individuals often can figure out other ways to spend the money rather than on their own children.

Grandparents' visitation often best for the child

Florida grand parents may be finding themselves on the outside when it comes to involvement in their grand children's lives. Often the matter involves one of the in-laws denying the grand parent visitation rights, but if both parents mutually decide to not allow access it may become more difficult to find court's sympathetic to their plight.

Mediation for child custody and visitation disputes

Many of the legal battles that Florida parents fight over during a divorce proceeding involve child custody and visitation rights. Whether the legal system works more effectively for the mother or the father is completely dependent on which side you believe. However, because there have been complaints about how family law courts have handled particular cases there has been a push for increased use of mediation as an alternate way to resolve such disputes.

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