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It’s easy to forget how difficult it can be for the custodial parent to collect on current or back child support obligations. Sometimes it’s even more difficult to collect from individuals one would assume have easy access to funds. Such individuals often can figure out other ways to spend the money rather than on their own children.

Though he’s a celebrity and celebrities cannot always be considered representative of society, former professional football player Warren Sapp has just filed bankruptcy in Florida court while still owing back child support and alimony payments. This occurred despite Sapp’s assets being estimated at $6.45 million while having a monthly income of $115,881.

A listing of the former player’s assets is telling. He owns 240 pairs of Jordan athletic shoes worth $6,500, a $2,250 watch, and a lion skin rug worth $1,200. Sapp has had a $45,000 payment coming to him concerning his contract with Showtime, a $48,000 payment due for his appearance with CCA Sports, and an $18,675 advance on a book deal. Sapp also had the opportunity to appear on the television show, “Dancing with the Stars.” And with all of this, he still has failed to pay for the support of his children.

Perhaps Sapp’s child and spousal support obligations were just too high for what he made. Perhaps other intervening events have prevented him from making such payments. He was arrested in 2010 following an alleged domestic violence incident that apparently was dismissed. That’s not to say that the father and mother could not have come together with their attorneys and made alternate arrangements concerning such obligations until Sapp was able to once again get upon his feet.

It is in the best interest of the child for both parents to be supportive of their offspring – even if it only means making monthly payments to the custodial parent on behalf of the child. That is not a lot to ask from a parent.

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