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It would be wonderful if all child custody determinations were easy to make. Unfortunately, deciding what is in the best interest of the child is often riddled with complications.

The estranged husband of a missing Florida woman was granted custody of his three children. The mother of the three children, who had been living in the Fort Lauderdale area, was last seen on March 30th. The concern about providing the father with custody is that he is also a suspect in the woman’s disappearance.

The children had been in the custody of their maternal grandmother ever since their mother disappeared. However, since the father has not been charged with the disappearance of the mother, it has decided to grant the father custody.

Relatives of the woman are understandably concerned. Their concern is that the father and his children may either turn up missing, or the father will otherwise harm the children in some way.

We may never know if the decision to grant the father custody of the children was or was not a mistake. One seeming problem is many child custody situations are that the options appear limited.

Such limitations may or may not be the case, however. The role of good family law attorneys are to provide the court with as many different options as possible in order that the best interests of the child indeed are met. Attorneys can suggest sole, primary or joint custody type of situations, supervised visitation arrangements, etc.

No child custody determination should be made based upon what is the better of two evils. Instead, enough options should be available in order that a happy solution to the child custody issue can be presented.

Source: WSVN News, “Missing woman’s husband given child custody,” May 30, 2012