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Florida couples often hesitate to file for divorce under the mistaken assumption that what would be best for the children is for both parents to remain together. However, the opposite is often the case. The bad feelings between husband and wife often adversely affect the child and result in every party involved being unhappy.

With the variety of child custody and visitation arrangements that can be made, children often receive fuller benefit from their parents than if the family remained together. Unfortunately, in a great many marriages only one parent takes on the role of being the caregiver for the children while the other parent is busy at their place of employment. When both parents are divorced, both parents are often placed in situations where they are required to devote full attention to the children’s needs.

Attorneys that practice in the area of family law can often provide a variety of visitation and child custody options for parents to insure that both parents are involved in the child’s life. Since every family situation is unique, it is a mistake to treat every child custody situations and visitation matters the same.

Too often, parents are unhappy in their marital roles. Sometimes parents have grown estranged from each other, and in other circumstances the parents should never have married to begin with.

When tensions arise between two parents, it’s almost impossible to hide it completely from the child. What may in those circumstances be best for the child would include the parents moving on and finding other partners that may more fully satisfy their needs.

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