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In Florida, the non-custodial parent is allowed at least 40 percent of the parenting time when it comes to their children. This is quite unique in that the parenting time for non-custodial parents in most states is more limited.

Generally what occurs is that a non-custodial parent is allowed care of the child every other weekend and a couple of hours during the week. However, such policies in recent time have been receiving more opposition, and the trend is to see more support for father’s rights with more equality in parenting time.

Attempts to change legislation more in favor of non-custodial visitation have its supporters and opponents. Opponents of such legislation have criticized such measures as being overly politicized. It has been viewed as an attempt to force courts to give into the father’s demands rather than make considerations on what is best for the child.

These opponents of more evenness in amounts of parenting time point out that shared custody is not always a positive solution to child custody and visitation matters. In certain cases, shared custody probably should be avoided since it only leads to increased conflict among the two parents. Also, there are instances where one of the spouses is abusive, and in such cases the rights of custody of the abusive parent do need to be severely limited.

It will ultimately be up to the courts to decide whether shared custody is or is not in the best interest of the child. Attorneys that practice in the family courts will continue to argue on behalf of their parties why or why not shared custody will help or hurt the child.

Source: Arizona Central 12 News, “Arizona dad fights for rights of divorced fathers,” by Alia Beard Rau, June 16, 2012