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Child custody disagreements too often escalate into violence. Florida has recently experienced a number of such encounters, and at least in a couple of situations, such episodes occurred in public locations.

The misperception of many couples is that there is such a thing as victory in visitation and child custody disputes. Though one parent may be awarded primary custody of a child, ultimately all parties will be hurt – husband, wife and child – if animosity between the two spouses continues.

It is possible that escalation of violence is in part due to tough economic times. This may or may not be true as it is sometimes impossible to predict what will set off one particular individual. It is human nature for individuals to be upset when a judge awards custody to the other spouse, or demands that person pay more in child support than they believe they can afford.

Family law attorneys sometimes have resources that can deescalate a possibly explosive situation. Such attorneys have access to resources such as counseling centers, shelters and mediation services to help resolve disputes. These same attorneys can also petition the courts for protective orders and other remedies to prevent unpleasant circumstances from getting out of hand.

It makes absolutely no sense for a spouse to believe in any way that he or she is helping their child while injuring the other spouse. For a spouse to improve their chances in gaining primary custody or increased visitation hours, they must show that their actions would at all times be in the best interest of the child.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Anger can explode at child custody hand-overs,” by Mike Clary, June 24, 2012