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For an attorney, the most important consideration in family law disputes is what benefits the children. Though disagreements do exist between the two parents as to what this could be, too many circumstances occur where what was best for the children was not even considered – as is evidenced by the number of calls made every year by boys and girls to the Florida’s Department of Children.

Sadly, parents sometimes feel the need to educate their children concerning details of a divorce. Needless to say, such education is usually a one-sided version of what has occurred. Divorces often and needlessly involve negative feelings towards the other spouse, and this in particular can come across in visitation and time-sharing arrangements where one parent explains to the child why they cannot see the other parent more often.

One family law judge was particularly vocal about his disappointment in the way some parents handle matters involving their children. This judge points out that it was the parent’s choice to have a child, the parent chose the other partner in which to have that child, that the child should be treated as a person and not as a possession, and putting down the other parent to the child is putting down the person that contributed to at least half of that child’s upbringing.

Family law attorneys do represent each client to the best of their ability. However, such attorneys will also work with the other parent and their attorney as well to prevent disputes from escalating.

Children are injured when such disputes get out-of-hand.

Source: Clearwater Patch, “During Your Family Law Conflict, Your Children Matter the Most,” Jenny T. Simmons, July 23, 2012