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A former lawyer living in Florida is alleged to owe $700,000 in back child support. The former lawyer denies that he owes any such obligation, and he instead claims that he was actually granted custody of the children back in 1991.

This father of the children claims to have left for Florida in 1995 because of a number of business related disputes that were occurring in the state in which he resided. He now claims his former spouse and mother of his children is bringing up this claim because she feels he will not return to the state to fight accusations that he has failed to pay back child support.

The allegations are going back and forth between the two former spouses. It is difficult to tell by reading the reports on what is occurring whether either spouse is being truthful about the circumstances that occurred here.

Family law attorneys often run into circumstances where non-custodial parents owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support. One job of a family law attorney is to attempt to restore sanity to family circumstances that often are destructive to every member of the family.

Disagreements over child support, in particular, can be trying because parents are too many times more concerned about prevailing over the other parent rather than doing what is best for the children. The family law attorney often has to suggest to parties and the court strategies that will help eliminate disagreements and disputes.

Ultimately, it’s the courts that will likely decide which of the two spouses is in the right concerning the above mentioned child support dispute.

Source: Lake County Leader, “Candidate maintains innocence,” Oct. 5, 2012