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An HBO special concerning divorce and children was recently released. In the film, children provide advice to parents on how they would want to see the dissolution of their parents’ marriage handled as it pertains to them.

The documentary was produced by Rosie O’Donnell, and it films a large number of children from the ages of five to ten presenting certain requests to their parents. Because so many children are left out the decision process when it comes to matters such as child custody and visitation, the purpose of this film was to have the child’s voice heard.

At least three simple messages were presented by the children:

  • Make certain children have easy and equal access to both parents
  • Do not use the children as messengers
  • “Don’t break our heart.”

When it comes to divorce, we cannot afford to make the assumption that the children will be fine. In Florida, the goal of every effective family law attorney where children are concerned is to minimize the stress that such divorces place upon children. This often comes about through resolving disputes in any number of ways, creating stipulations and agreements between parents, creating visitation schedules, making it clear what is and is not acceptable to both parents, getting to know the concerns of the children, and working with both parents to ensure that the focus remains on the children.

Divorce is often inevitable. That does not mean we do not do everything in our power to meet the educational, financial and emotional needs of the children.

Source: Huffington Post, “Kids and Divorce: In HBO’s ‘Don’t Divorce Me,’ Kids Give Advice to Parents,” September 17, 2012