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It is estimated that as many as 115,000 women nationwide are deprived of health insurance coverage after a divorce has taken place. And sometimes, it may take more than two years before the coverage is resumed.

Of the approximately million divorces that take place every year across Florida and the United States, the majority of women involved in these divorces had been receiving health care coverage through their husband’s employer. It’s been estimated that 65,000 of these women will lose all health insurance coverage in months following the divorce.

Women may no longer qualify as dependents under their husband’s policies. Other women that had their own independent health coverage through their employer may also lose coverage due to financial losses that come about because of the divorce process. These women simply were no longer able to pay the healthcare premiums.

Surprisingly, women in the middle-class are the ones most likely to be left without coverage. Higher income women often have other avenues to take in maintaining coverage, and lower income women can often take advantage of governmental programs.

For whatever reason, individuals are not always happy in their marriages and divorce is inevitable. Often, neither party is at fault for the breakup of a marriage. Unfortunately, without assigning fault, many times one party is treated unfairly when it comes to divisions of marital assets, finances, property and other benefits. Too often, the party punished is the one that remained home to take care of the family.

Family law attorneys attempt to negotiate a settlement that is equitable for both parties and will not result in a major change in the quality of life for the two spouses and their children. Often this requires foresight by determining the financial, emotional and educational needs of all of the family members.

Source: Red Orbit, “For Thousands of Women, Costs of Divorce Include Health Coverage,” by Alan McStravick, Nov. 13, 2012

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