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A Florida mother’s protracted divorce was so severe that now she and her three children are living with this individual’s parents in a northern state. Apparently, she left the state of Florida with virtually no finances, and her children do not have the clothing to fight off the cold weather at her new location.

This mother has since applied to a local charity in the area that she lives for assistance. The charity will provide winter clothing for children during the holiday season. Currently, she is looking for a job to help pay for the car she recently purchased.

Unfortunately, this can be fairly typical for parents that have just gone through the divorce. Often the caregiver of the children is unemployed and has no job history that makes them marketable in the workforce. Whatever the outcome happened to be in the divorce, the other parent does not always live up to their court ordered obligations.

Though charities are often helpful for parents faced with these types of circumstances, such organizations are not mandated to provide support for a parent or children. Without a stipulation or court order in place, the support for a parent and her children can turn out to be quite arbitrary.

Family law attorneys can often provide parents without financial resources a number of options to meet their needs. These attorneys can go back to court to make certain that the non-custodial parent pays his or her alimony or child support obligations, and the attorney can help create other legal documents that will make sure that an entire family’s needs are met.

Source: The Morning Journal, “Clothe-a-Child: Divorce, move from Florida leave children without winter clothes in Oberlin,” by Kaylee Remington, Dec. 8, 2012