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It’s disturbing how certain parents simply choose not to provide for their children. One out-of-state father with nine children is in arrear close to $100,000 in back child support payments.

With the father of the nine children being hauled into court, a judge expressed his frustration with what he considered to be an intolerable circumstance. “Common sense dictates you shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford,” the judge was quoted as saying. The judge then ordered that the father have no more children while he served a sentence of probation for three years.

Though parents that fail to pay their child support obligations often face criminal sanctions, it is often a long and drawn out process. The above child support matter has been going on since the father had remained free on bond posted back on June of 2011.

Most parents supporting their children cannot wait that long to receive the child support payments. The criminal system is geared towards punishing the wrongdoer rather than helping out the parent owed the child support and the children.

Helping out the children is the role of family law attorneys in the civil court system. These professionals can make every effort to provide resources for the children when child support obligations are otherwise not being met. If nothing else, these parents can arrange to have wages garnished by the delinquent parent, liquidate property so that it can be used to pay for child support, and represent the parents and children at child support hearings.

Source: The Journal Times, “Deadbeat dad sentenced o probation, ordered not to procreate,” by Kristen Zambo, Dec. 3, 2012

  • The paying of child support was designed to help out children of single parents. Please visit our website for more information.