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Though the goal of all courts are to resolve family law matters as smoothly as possible, friction in matters regarding child support and child custody is all too common. In one recent Florida matter concerning child custody, a former wife apparently falsely accused the father of her child of not paying thousands of dollars in back child support.

Though these types of disputes are somewhat rare, the consequences of this particular matter were anything but minor. The father became entangled in a lengthy litigation, had the supposed delinquency published among Florida Department of Revenue records, and then had his passport suspended resulting in a severe limitation of this individual’s business travel. This occurred though evidence appeared to demonstrate that the child support payments were made.

What was extremely unusual about this matter was the manner in which the judge dealt with the accusations. Sanctions were issued against prosecutors that pursued the so-called delinquency claim, and the judge ordered these individuals pay the father’s legal fees in defending this matter.

The child involved in this divorce is a 6-year old boy. Though parents often get caught up in the emotion of having to deal with very trying divorce issues, the need of the child has to come before that of either parent.

The making of false allegations and the attempts to pass off fabricated evidence in divorce matters will come back to haunt parents. There will be lingering resentment between the parents, and the child will likely someday become privy to what occurred.

Any good family law attorney understands that the best thing parents can do for their children in the event of a divorce is to work together and be cordial towards each other.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Miami judge calls child support prosecutor’s actions ‘reprehensible’,” by David Ovalle, Feb. 7, 2013