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A child support program in another state has netted more than $806,000 in casino winnings from individuals that were failing to pay out on their child support obligations. In one casino alone, $106,771 was collected from these parents, and one specific parent ended up paying back $1,995 in winnings towards his child support payments.

Though such a program is not in place in Florida, apparently such programs have been implemented in seven different states. It’s unknown if the programs in every other state have been able to bring in as much money as the one mentioned above.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the idea of implementing such a program, the more important point is the unwillingness of certain parents to make payments in support of their children. If more than $800,000 in back child support was collected from casino winnings, it would be interesting to find out just how much money was lost at casinos by parents that were delinquent in their child support payments.

The money collected by these types of programs and other child support stings are likely just a drop in the bucket regarding all of the money owed. And that parents would rather gamble away their money then pay their child support obligations sends out a very bad message as concerns our children.

Any good family law lawyer understands that when it comes to divorce issues concerning children, the best interest of the child needs to be the highest priority. Working with parents to make them understand this message is the difficult task. And the child’s best interests will not be met unless parents work together in raising the child, and put the interests of the child above their own.

Source: WSLS 10, “Casino program nets $806K in back child support,” Jan. 30, 2013