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With more divorces, second and third marriages, and children from each of those marriages, child custody matters continue to become more complex. The wife of former Florida Governor Charlie Crist found herself involved in such a circumstance when she attempted to regain custody of her two teenage daughters. Though a judge had earlier granted the father full custody of the two girls while the mother was out of the country, that order had been vacated in part because there were problems with notice.

The former governor is her second husband. Her first husband who is also the father of her two daughters has also since remarried. The father of the daughter and his new wife have since given birth to a new son.

Though the former husband and wife reportedly were to have a shared custody arrangement for their daughters, the father at some point sued his former wife for unpaid child support. He also claims his former wife, Mrs. Crist, had cutoff communication with her two daughters, and had not attended any events that children are normally engaged in.

Take away the social and financial status of the parties involved, and what we have here is little different from many other divorces. There are issues concerning court ordered obligations, personal allegations that are being leveled against former spouses in and outside of the courtroom, and you have disputes as to which individual would be the better parent.

Divorce and child custody disputes do not have to be uncivil. Family law attorneys can guide couples to working together in the best interest of the children. It all comes down to getting parties to understand what is in the best interest of everyone involved.

Source: Mail Online, “Former Florida first lady regains joint custody of teenage daughters her ex-husband claims ‘she hasn’t seen or spoken to in two years’,” by David McCormack, April 3, 2013