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Child custody and support are usually two of the most contested aspects of a divorce. It requires careful negotiation and numerous hours of good-faith discussions to get everyone on the same page and, eventually, to get both parties to accept the parameters of their agreement.

The circumstances of such cases are often complicated; and Broward County residents need not look further than Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, a former celebrity couple that are back in the news after Sheen requested Richards have custody of the kids he had with his third ex-wife, Brooke Mueller.

Mueller was admitted to rehab recently, and Sheen requested that Richards, his second ex-wife, take the kids for the time being. Richards, in a gracious move, not only accepted the custody deal but also denied an offer from Sheen to accept extra child support payments. She contends that she has the money to support the two kids. Richards will have temporary guardianship of the children until Mueller is out of rehab.

However, there are rumblings that Mueller is not happy with the arrangement, as she wanted her kids to stay with her brother. We will see if any modifications are made in the future.

There are two things to remember about child custody and support in Florida. The first is that the support determination is made via a formula that takes numerous personal and financial elements into account. The other thing to remember is that, in some cases, custody or support can be modified if there are major changes in either parent’s life, or if some emergency or event warrants an alteration.

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