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Authorities have finally caught up with a father who was said to be behind in child support in excess of $900,000. One of his children is living in Florida while the two other children happen to live out-of-state. It is alleged that he had been traveling abroad in an effort to avoid his child support obligations.

The father had started a business in Thailand, but he was later arrested in the Philippines for not carrying with him proper documentation and then extradited to the United States. It is believed that he had been deficient in making his child support payments since around 1995. He married for a second time in Florida in 1997, but soon after he was divorced for a second time after one child was born to that marriage.

It was believed that at one point the father was making $500,000 to $600,000 per year at about the time that he stopped making his payments. However, his opportunities to make income will now likely be sufficiently diminished as he has been sentenced to two and one-half years in prison.

What’s striking about this story were the efforts taken by the father to not live up to his court-ordered obligations. With the time in prison and the likely enforcement of orders to pay back child support obligations, it’s extremely likely that the father has taken a much more heavy financial hit than if he had simply made his child support payments to begin with.

Family law attorneys are there to attempt to get their clients to see the big picture when it comes to issues concerning divorce and the raising of children. Sadly, the three children of this father will likely have at least some understanding as to the apparent attempts of the father to avoid his obligations towards them. No one wins when one of the parties attempts to defy the courts when it comes to family law matters.

Source: The New York Times, “2-year Term for a Father Who Avoided Child Support,” by Mosi Secret, May 21, 2013