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When Florida couples go through a divorce, one of the first things on their mind will be their kids. They are going to want what is best for their son or daughter; and while that may result in competing views between the two spouses, they will always have their kids’ interests in mind. Any family court will have the same thought process, but family court rulings regarding child custody can be less flexible and result in both spouses being unhappy with their agreement.

That is why many couples seek out joint custody. When you and your former spouse reach such an agreement, you will also have to mutually agree to a time sharing or parenting plan. These plans will tackle a number of issues, including visitation rights; custody schedules; and guidelines for special occasions, such as holidays.

Many parents may not think of the summer as a holiday — even with July 4th in there, the whole summer seems to avoid the general thinking of a “holiday.” For divorced parents, the summer can be a very combative time. Both parents want to take vacations, and they both want to include their kids in the fun. It can make things very hard on the spouse who is without custody for a week or two because of the 4th or some other vacation.

During these times, the parent without custody needs to keep his or her head up. Remember the idea of your child’s best interests — because you will have your times and your vacations as well.

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