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Making the decision to end a marriage is never easy. Once that decision is made, a lot of the work of legally ending the relationship begins. For couples who have children, that means sorting out custody and support issues which are difficult on a practical and on an emotional level. When emotions are involved and two caring parents are trying to do the best thing for their children, things can get a little messy.

This is why some divorce attorneys recommend trying to take a step back and looking at the more practical or transactional elements of a divorce, treating the process more like a business deal than a family matter.


A family law expert and divorce attorney to the stars recently told reporters that this approach has helped her clients save money and their sanity by allowing them to look objectively at the laws that apply to their situation so that they can make a realistic set of expectations for the divorce, support, and custody agreements.

All of this advice sounds great, but is it easier said than done? And, once the process starts, will it truly help to reach a better result?

The answers to those questions will be different for everyone, since there is no one way to accomplish a divorce. Some couples get a better result letting lawyers handle all of the negotiations and staying removed from the process, while other divorcing couples are more comfortable being directly involved through a collaborative divorce process or mediation.

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