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Sometimes when we read about celebrity divorces or child custody cases the issues can seem worlds away from the ones that average Florida families experience. However, at the heart of every child custody and support dispute is always the priority of serving the best interests of the child and in looking at cases in the news we can see the different ways that can be interpreted. In some cases it leads to creative solutions that are unconventional but help create stability for the children.

In one celebrity case the approach of serving the children above all else has resulted in a creative solution. The case is that of former Two and a Half Men actor Charlie Sheen, who is in the midst of a child custody and support dispute with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who has recently struggled with substance abuse.

For Sheen and Mueller, the focus is on keeping their twins in a stable home while providing Mueller time to attend to her recovery and get back on her feet. The result has been a creative custody arrangement with one of Sheen’s other ex-wives, Denise Richards, with whom he also has children. Richards currently has primary custody of her children with Sheen and of Mueller’s children. This arrangement is unconventional, but allows the Mueller’s children to spend time with their half-siblings and to stay removed from a potentially chaotic situation with their mother.

In an effort to avoid going to court to litigate these issues, Mueller agreed to the arrangement along with a reduction in child support payments through the mediation process. She will still receive some child support but will not have the full amount reinstated until the children are back in her sole custody.

For Florida families, the lesson from this case is simple: think outside the box. There is often more than one way to solve a difficult problem. Looking for creative or unconventional arrangements to resolve a child custody or support issue can help make life easier for all involved and can serve the best interests of the children more effectively.

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