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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. If you are a divorced parent, you may currently be dealing with a number of struggles and challenges related to your child custody and visitation situation. But, Thanksgiving is an excellent reminder that our children are something to be grateful for. As the holiday season officially kicks off tomorrow, Thanksgiving also serves as a reminder that it is time to iron out any holiday plan issues you may need to work out with your co-parent.

The holiday season may inspire numerous tensions between you and your co-parent. Being proactive in planning for the rest of the season may help you relax when the winter holidays finally arrive.

If you already have a holiday schedule laid out in your parenting plan, then you may just need to iron out details related to transportation, drop-off times and pick-up plans. The sooner you work these issues out, the sooner you can breathe easily that this particular task has been taken care of.

If you need to start a discussion about the holidays from scratch, plan to do it early and to remain both calm and flexible whenever possible. Keeping your children’s best interests in mind will help you settle these issues with grace. If, at any point, your co-parent’s plans make you fear for your children’s safety, do not hesitate to contact your attorney who can help advise you of what to do in your situation.

Finally, do not forget to communicate your plans to your children in advance. If they know what to expect and can ask questions ahead of time, it will help them feel more secure about the plans.

Source: The Washington Times, “Nine holiday tips for divorced moms, dads, and kids,” Myra Fleischer, Nov. 11, 2013