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The turning of one year into another traditionally symbolizes a time for change, renewal and hope. If you are contemplating divorce or have recently finalized one, you may be anxious about a myriad of issues that the new year is sure to bring. However, if you have minor children you are likely most concerned about how you will best parent them given the outcome of your child custody arrangement. Thankfully, there are several tips that may help to ease your mind as you prepare to ring in 2014.

First, you may be unaccustomed to asking for any kind of help with your child-rearing, your home or your workload. If you are a newly single parent, please take the symbolic nature of the new year as an excuse to transition out of this frame of mind. Single parents are often capable of handling astounding responsibilities with grace and strength. However, you will likely benefit both your children and yourself immensely if you learn to ask for help and take advantage of various helpful resources whenever it makes sense for your family.

Second, do not hesitate to seek out legal advice if something has changed or needs to change in regards to your parenting agreement, child support order or child custody arrangements. These agreements are meant to be modified over time if a family’s circumstances change dramatically. Please reach out to your attorney with questions of any kind at any time about these legal issues.

Finally, please take excellent care of yourself. Single parenthood can be uniquely rewarding but it can also be uniquely challenging. Ensuring that you are healthy, strong and happy can go a long way towards ensuring your children’s health and happiness as well.

Source: The Huffington Post, “17 Things No One Tells You About Single Parenting,” Dec. 20, 2013