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January 2014 Archives

A large amount of Florida child support remains uncollected

The Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) is tasked with collecting child support payments from parents who are court-ordered to make them and dispersing these payments to parents who are charged with using this income to support their children. Most child support is court ordered. However, simply because a judge has ordered an individual to pay child support does not mean that the money owed is always properly collected.

Film explores child custody and support issues

A new independent film is currently the subject of a great deal of media buzz. This film is likely to resonate with millions of Americans simply due to its subject matter. The film "Romeo Misses a Payment" spotlights various child custody and child support issues that affect low-income Americans in particular. It additionally criticizes wider governmental and cultural systems as perpetuating single-parent households, but the inequities it exposes in child custody and child support issues among low-income Americans are striking critics most profoundly.

Survey on parents, kids and divorce impact has been released

When spouses who have children decide to divorce, each parent almost certainly harbors concerns about how the divorce will impact the kids. Unfortunately, a newly released survey reveals that even concerned parents may have trouble grasping the scope of negative impacts that divorce can have on children. Many negative impacts are temporary and can be adequately dealt with when constructing parenting plans. However, it is important for parents to understand what divorce-related demons their children are wrestling with if they wish to properly address these issues and help their children overcome them.

Thoughts for divorced and divorcing parents of daughters

Children are generally resilient creatures. Oftentimes, children emerge from the wake of divorce stronger and healthier than they were while living in a household marked by marital tension. However, research suggests that if the aftermath of divorce is not handled in certain ways, the self esteem of girls and young women can suffer. This recent research conducted by Terry Gaspard suggests that the self esteem of girls and young women may be uniquely impacted by lack of access to both divorced parents in the wake of the family split. The same self esteem and access link does not seem to affect boys significantly.

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