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If you and your child’s other parent do not agree on the matter of whom your child should live and/or who should be allowed to make important decisions on his or her behalf, you are navigating an unquestionably challenging situation. Not enough is said about the ways in which child custody disputes can affect both children and parents alike. As a result, others may not understand just how frustrating of a position you are currently in. Therefore, it is ultimately up to you to find the strength within yourself to approach the situation with grace, dignity and a peaceful mind.

A peaceful mind is a critical asset to have during a child custody dispute. Without a sense of peace and calm, the stress of the situation can wear on your body, your mind, your emotions, your patience and your ability to focus on how to best achieve the goal of advocating for your child’s best interests.

So, how does one stay peaceful while fighting for their child’s best interests? First, understand how critically important peace is to the situation. Not only can the stress of your child custody dispute do damage to your health and wellbeing, it can also deeply affect your child. Seeking peace and calm will help you model this healthy behavior for your child and will help make a happier, healthier home for you both.

Second, avoid dehumanizing and vilifying your co-parent. Unless your relationship is abusive, it is important to understand his or her side of things and to communicate respectfully. Ultimately, you may not agree with your co-parent, but dehumanizing and vilifying him or her will only work you into an emotional rage and/or panic.

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