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When domestic violence is an issue in any Florida divorce or separation of partners, it is extremely important to take immediate legal action to address the situation. If you have been a victim of domestic abuse, then your primary concern should be safety. Contact police and get to a safe place as soon as you can. Once you’re there, you can take additional legal steps to help ensure that the abuse never happens again.

In many cases, a restraining order is necessary to guard against domestic violence. A family law attorney can help you obtain a restraining order. An official report of domestic abuse, along with a restraining order, can also have a major impact on every aspect of a divorce, including child custody and parenting time.

In some cases, the evidence of domestic violence isn’t immediately available for divorce proceedings. In Broward County, however, it is possible to consolidate domestic violence charges with other family law matters, all of which can then be considered in the divorce.

While the terms of many divorces can be established out of court, domestic abuse is an issue that often requires court hearings. A family law attorney with experience in handling divorces involving domestic violence can clarify your options and advise you of an appropriate and cost-effective path toward a resolution.

Again, the most important thing is to take steps within the law to ensure that you and your child or children are safe. The Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph advises and represents clients with domestic violence concerns.