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Understandably, parents who are going through divorce often have a difficult time meeting each other on common ground in terms of child custody arrangements. If this is your situation, then it may be a good idea to make a list of things, no matter how small, that you both can agree on, and then try to build from there.

For example, maybe you and your co-parent can agree that staying with the same pediatrician is the right decision. If you both agree about your child’s extracurricular activities, then maybe that can be added to the list. Really, any number of points of agreement may serve as a foundation for a long-term solution.

Increasingly, parents going through divorce or separation in Florida are seeking help from parent coordinators. These are individuals with expertise in resolving disagreements between parents. In working with a parenting coordinator, the goal is to develop an effective, cost-efficient arrangement without having to litigate in court. This approach is non-adversarial and takes into account the unique relationships between the parents and the child.

An effective parent coordinator works as a neutral third party to learn about the individuals involved and help the parents develop a time-sharing plan that they both can agree upon. By contrast, child custody disputes that go to court are left up to a judge’s discretion, and generally judges do not have time to become familiar with the litigants. Consequently, court decisions often don’t make sense to one or both sides of the dispute.

Still, litigation is necessary to settle many child custody cases. If you are wondering which route is best for your family, then an attorney with experience in litigation and parent coordination can help you decide.