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One important aspect of co-parenting after divorce is planning for who will have the children on holidays and other special occasions throughout the year. Halloween is coming up, and with the right planning, this particularly kid-focused holiday can be positively memorable for parents and children alike. What you don’t want to do as a parent is leave the planning until the last minute.

An important question to ask: does your parenting plan clearly address the holiday? If you are currently going through a divorce and don’t yet have an arrangement that includes holiday provisions, then it is important to communicate with your co-parent well in advance. If you do have a child custody arrangement, then now is a good time to review it just so you’re clear on the plan.

For some parents, it may be necessary to make a schedule adjustment to account for special circumstances. In any case, parents should avoid putting the children in the middle of the decision-making process. In other words, the pressure of making the decision shouldn’t fall on the kids. To help the children have a fun and memorable experience, it is important not to let a parental dispute dampen the festivities.

Some co-parents who live near one another are able to split time with the children on Halloween. If there isn’t time for the kids to be with both parents separately on the same evening, then a solution may be to divide the festivities over a couple of nights. Maybe the kids could decorate and carve a pumpkin with your co-parent, and afterward you could take the children trick-or-treating.

If you and your co-parent are on good terms, then another option is to send a double message of support and commitment to your kids by doing the trick-or-treating together with your co-parent.

Whatever your situation is this Halloween (or any holiday, for that matter), it’s a good idea to have a workable time sharing plan in place.

For co-parents who are still uncertain of how this Halloween season will go, a recent Huffington Post article has a few more tips for a smooth and enjoyable experience.