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After five months, a Florida mother is finally reunited with her son. The mother re-gained custody after the allegations of her being an “unfit mother” were thrown out by a judge.

The mother, who was reported to the Seminole County Child Protective Services by a doctor, lost custody of her little boy only 12 days after the birth. The woman’s doctor reported her after she refused to take the child, who was found to be 10 percent underweight, to the hospital, and instead the mother used soy formula to supplement her breast milk. The decision to use soy formula also supported the mother’s vegan lifestyle.

After being reported to child protective services, the mother was arrested for child neglect and lost custody of her infant child. Since the arrest, the little boy has been cared for by his grandparents.

Just this week, a judge determined that there were no signs of child abuse and this situation did not involve neglect. Consequently, the mother was happily reunited with her son. She stated this week, “This whole thing was a nightmare and I can go back to being a new mom and bonding with him. I am just very happy.”

While this custody issue ended with the mother and child reunited, it is important to see how seriously allegations of child abuse and neglect are taken in Florida. The legal issues of custody cases are very specific and often require the attention of a highly experienced lawyer who understands the full scope of the legal ramifications and how to effectively advocate in a client’s best interests.

If you have concerns about your situation, or are experiencing complicated custody issues, it is a smart idea to contact a custody lawyer for advice. For more information, visit the firm’s page on court-appointed guardians.