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You don’t have to look far to find stories of celebrities going through contentious and expensive divorces, often involving heated and public disputes over child custody and property division. The stories are so headline-grabbing that one might have the impression that every divorce has to unfold as a court battle.

While the need for litigation may be necessary in many cases, an increasing number of divorces are being settled outside of court with the help of parent coordinators and divorce attorneys with expertise in parent-child relationships. Going to court is certainly an option, but much work can be done in a more private setting, and parents who take this route often find it to be more efficient and less costly.

Divorce involving children can include a variety of issues that require specific experience and knowledge to protect the children’s best interests. Unfortunately, sometimes the needs of children are forgotten in the midst of litigation, and parents should seek legal counsel that will ensure that their kids’ well-being takes precedence over other matters.

A legal professional with experience in advocating for children is important in these cases. Remember, too, that solutions can be reached outside of court, though it is important to prepare every case as if it is going to trial.

In short, there are many bases to cover, but you are not alone. Florida parents who want to learn more about their divorce options are encouraged to explore our family law website. Attorney Kelley Joseph represents clients in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties.