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Divorce is a rocky road, and often there is a significant span between the day the divorce is filed and the day the divorce is finalized. To get your divorced finalized in Florida, you have to meet certain requirements, which we discussed in a previous post.

Often this in-between phase is a time of great uncertainty, but taking action quickly in the form of a legal separation agreement can clarify your rights and obligations and those of your soon-to-be ex-spouse.

It can take some time to work through all of the issues related to divorce, but some matters need to be addressed as soon as possible. Following are some common questions that come up immediately after a couple decides to divorce:

  • Who will stay in the family home and who will leave?
  • Who will be responsible for covering household expenses? One spouse or both?
  • If children are involved, what will the temporary custody arrangement be?
  • What about temporary child support?
  • Should there be temporary alimony payments?
  • Are there marital assets to which only one spouse should have access?
  • If the family home is in foreclosure, what should be done with it during separation?

All of these matters can be addressed in a legal separation agreement prior to the finalization of the divorce. Not taking action now could affect your rights later, so speak with a Florida divorce law attorney about creating a separation agreement that protects your rights and your family’s interests.

Attorney Kelley A. Joseph has more than 20 years’ experience in a variety of family law issues, including separation and divorce agreements.