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The stated mission of the Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support Program is “to help children get the financial support they need when it is not received from one or both parents.”

In order to accomplish this admirable and wholly necessary objective, the Child Support Program helps residents establish and enforce child support orders, determine paternity and pursue the necessary modifications, to name only a few.

As effective as the state’s Child Support Program is in providing this assistance, the fact remains that it is part of a very large and highly diversified state agency, and, as such, mistakes relating to the payment and receipt of child support can — and do — happen.

Consider the recent experience of an Orange County man who saw hundreds of dollars being taken from his paychecks for child support payment despite having primary custody of his children.

According to reports, the man assumed custody of his four sons following the death of his estranged wife and, despite this reality, the state continued to deduct over $800 a month from his paychecks.

Indeed, this went on for several months even after he presented officials with a copy of his estranged wife’s death certificate, being informed that the deductions would continue until such time as his case was officially closed.

In the meantime, the father estimates that he saw close to $6,000 wrongfully deducted from his paychecks, money that he says could have been used to cover basic living expenses like food, clothes and even beds for his four sons.

The good news is that a local television station became aware of the father’s plight and helped him not only stop the deductions, but secure a refund check.

As encouraging as this is, it’s important to remember that when the state makes some sort of error concerning the payment or receipt of child support, there won’t always be a television station there to help. However, in these situations an experienced legal professional can be there to help resolve the matter both efficiently and effectively.