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When a relationship ends, there are certain matters that need to be addressed and resolved. If the union—regardless of whether the couple was ever married—produces children, matters such as child custody and support need to be worked through.

While the state of Florida has the goal of getting parents of children to work together to reach an agreement, this does not always happen. In some situations, even after an agreement is reached one or both of the parents will find that they are unhappy with it. While there are legal avenues that under some circumstances could result in a modification of the parenting plan, there are times when a parent will simply take the child and leave.

A Florida mother, who took her daughter away from the girl’s father, was recently apprehended. More than a year following the girl’s disappearance, her father was reunited with the now 3 year old. The man first learned of the kidnapping when, per the couple’s custody agreement, his daughter was not returned to him following a visit with her mother. When he went to the home where she lived with her mother, he was unable to find them. He did, however, find a note which indicated that the mother had taken the little girl to avoid her being vaccinated or brainwashed.

The discovery of the woman and the little girl, in another part of Florida, arose following a feature on a national television program.

There is no question that historically many courts throughout the nation awarded primary custody of the children to their mother. Now, in the state of Florida, barring any reason to the contrary, both parents are expected to play a role in the life of the child and one parent cannot take the child and go into hiding.

Though family law matters are generally a civil matter, in this particular case the woman will likely face criminal charges.