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It is not uncommon for people getting married into blended families to adopt their spouse’s biological children. Besides clarifying who has parental rights over the kids, these adoptions can be an important bonding ritual for both the child and his or her new mother or father.

Sadly, second marriages do not always work out. When a biological parent gets divorced from the child’s adoptive parent, where does that leave the adoptive relationship? Is the adoptive parent responsible for child support, or is it possible to “un-adopt” a child?

That was the question before a Florida judge in the case of a man seeking to void his adoption of his former wife’s son. The judge ruled in the man’s favor, but the decision is under appeal, WBBH-TV reports.

The man married his ex-wife in 2011. She was a native of Ukraine and her son still lived there at the time of the wedding. Shortly afterward, the man adopted the son, who moved to Florida soon after

After the marriage fizzled, the man asked the court during divorce proceedings to find that his adoption was not valid. His attorneys argued that, because the child was not in Florida at the time of the adoption, the court lacked the legal authority to grant it. Despite the mother’s objections, the court agreed and voided the adoption.

The mother has since appealed. It appears a big reason for this dispute is child support, specifically the man’s reluctance to pay. It is not clear from the WBBH article if the ex-husband and the son have any continuing relationship.