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In a series of ongoing posts, we’ve been discussing how the Florida Department of Revenue’s Child Support Program can take a variety of enforcement actions to collect past due payments. In particular, we’ve discussed everything from wage garnishment to driver’s license suspension.

In today’s post, we’ll conclude this discussion by examining some of the more noteworthy — and what some might classify as draconian — enforcement actions that can be deployed by the agency and which frequently facilitate compliance by otherwise delinquent parents.

Can workers’ compensation benefits be garnished?

Yes, officials have the authority to take a portion of a person’s work comp benefits if they are not current on their child support payments. This includes both regular payments and any lump sum payments.

What about tax refunds?

Similar to workers’ compensation benefits, officials can intercept a federal income tax refund. In the event this occurs, the Internal Revenue Service will mail a letter to the affected parent indicating that either a portion or the entirety of their refund has been taken by the Department of Revenue.

The parent then has 30 days from the date of the letter to contact officials or call for a hearing to contest the seizure of the refund.

Is it true that failing to pay child support can affect a person’s credit?

If a parent owes a minimum of $400 in back child support, they will be sent a notice from the Department of Revenue asking for some sort of remedial measure to take place. Failure to make the necessary payments or even contact officials within 25 days will result in the past-due child support being reported to the three major credit bureaus, meaning it will appear on the parent’s credit report.

Are there any other measures that the Department of Revenue can take?

It’s important for parents behind on child support to understand that the Department of Revenue has a host of other actions it can take outside of those we’ve discussed in detail, including denial of a passport and suspension of professional licenses.

If you have any questions or concerns about child support from modification to enforcement, consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.