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Today is the first day of a brand new year. Hopefully, you are greeting this transition into a fresh year with joy and optimism. However, you may be wary of approaching the New Year in this way. Sometimes, the stress of co-parenting relationships can be so great that it clouds all of the joyous things about the New Year. Thankfully, you can opt to embrace some resolutions that may make your co-parenting relationship more bearable in the year to come.

First, it can be helpful to resolve to treat your co-parenting relationship like you would a business partnership. Business partners do not always get along. However, these individuals generally choose to work together for the good of their enterprise. The “business” of your co-parenting relationship is the wellbeing of your mutual child or children. Treating your interactions with your co-parent like you would a business partner can help you to focus on the primary issue at hand and to remove a great deal of the emotion from your interactions. This will hopefully help your co-parenting relationship to become more productive and will free you to process your emotions about your co-parent’s behavior on your own time.

Second, you may want to resolve to alter the methods by which you and your co-parent communicate. If you find yourself wanting to yell every time you talk on the phone, consider opting to communicate primarily via email. If you find yourself fighting in front of your children every time you and your co-parent drop them off at each other’s residences, consider dropping them off at a nearby coffee shop or another location in which you are less likely to yell. Changing up your methods of communication can truly help you to put a more positive spin on your co-parenting relationship in the coming year.

Please check back in, as we will be continuing our discussion about co-parenting resolutions in a later post.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Top 10 Difficult New Year’s Resolutions for Divorced Parents,” Laurie Hollman, Dec. 24, 2015