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As we discussed in our last blog post, communication is one of the most essential tools at your disposal when it comes to raising a child with an ex. This is not just true when it comes to developing a parenting plan; it is also true throughout the duration of that plan.

Unlike other elements of a divorce, a parenting plan is not just a one-time event. There can be hiccups and unexpected obstacles along the way which parents must navigate and work through. As difficult as this already can be, it can be even more so if one parent is the cause of these problems because of visitation violations.

Parents who refuse to pick up of drop off a child in accordance with visitation agreements or otherwise fail to comply with time-sharing requirements can be putting their children and their parental rights in jeopardy.

According to Florida state laws, violations of this nature can come with some serious penalties. These penalties include:

  • Loss of parental time
  • Payment of court costs and attorney fees for the nonoffending parent
  • Requirement to attending parenting classes
  • Modification of parenting plan
  • Contempt of court punishments including fines and even jail time

These penalties likely won’t be ordered after a single, minor violation or if the non-compliant parent had proper cause. However, if the courts deem that a violation or violations have compromised the other parent’s rights or the well-being of the child, any or all of these consequences may be handed down.

If you are accused of violating time-sharing agreements, you need to know that you could be looking at some very serious repercussions and legal guidance may be critical.

If you believe that another parent has violated a parenting plan, you will also want to consult an attorney to discuss your legal options for taking action to correct the situation.

In either case, your parenting time and the best interests of your child can be at stake. Seeking legal remedies can be the most effective way to make sure violations are addressed and a parenting plan is protected.