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Ask any parent and they will tell you that raising a child, while beyond rewarding, can sometimes prove to be incredibly expensive. That’s because in addition to providing them with food, clothing and shelter, there’s also tuition to pay, toys to buy and medical expenses to cover.

As difficult as this reality can be to manage in a two-income household, consider how much more difficult it can be in a single-income household, where it’s hard enough to cover basic living expenses for one adult let alone one or more children.

Fortunately, many single-income parents who find themselves in these situations do have the good fortune of being able to rely on regular child support payments to help defray some of this financial burden.

However, what happens when these child support payments are late or stop altogether? What happens when the excuses from the obligor parent (i.e., the parent paying support) start to mount or they stop taking phone calls altogether?

The simple and sad truth is that a single parent can go from a comfortable existence to either just making it or, far worse, struggling to make ends meet.

As alarming and discouraging as this can be, it’s imperative for parents who are not receiving court-ordered child support payments to understand that they do have options for making things right.

At the Law Offices of Kelley A. Joseph, we take great pride in providing effective advocacy and personalized service to all of our clients. What this means in child support enforcement cases is that we will always take the time to explain the law, answer your questions and set forth all of your options for collecting past due support.

To that end, we will always attempt to reach an equitable remedy with the obligor parent and, in the event this proves unsuccessful, we will not hesitate to pursue legal remedies.

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