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People all across Florida are raising children as a single parent or with another parent but separately. It is no longer uncommon for people to get divorced or have children before getting married and modern families are no longer defined strictly as one with a mom, dad and a couple kids.

With modern families comes a need for modern approaches to problem solving and dispute resolution, even when it comes to traditional parenting issues. For example, parents who are bound by orders for child support have long run into problems when it comes to settling arguments about money. Thankfully, new tools have been designed to help parents resolve these disputes, and they can be accessed on the same device you could be using to read this blog post.

Smartphone apps have been developed to help parents manage the financial transactions between them without having to directly communicate with each other.

For example, this article in Bloomberg Business recently examined one app called SupportPay. The app allows users to upload receipts, make payments, dispute expenses and explain financial needs all without having to directly speak with each other. You can read the article for more information about this product.

Having these types of tools to minimize conflict and streamline communication can prove to be of great benefit to parents who are comfortable with using technology and have the appropriate devices to do so.

Unfortunately, there are many disputes and financial challenges that cannot be solved with an email exchange or scanned receipt. There are also parents who fail to comply with child support orders no many how many reminders they get or how easy it would be to make the appropriate payments.

Filing a legal motion and going to court can be all but unavoidable when these situations cannot be resolved between parents, and it can be much more complicated that people expect. In these situations, actual legal advice and support from an attorney can prove to be essential.