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Getting through the process of working out a parenting plan can be a great relief to parents who share custody of their kids. With everything laid out in that plan, parents can move forward and refocus their energy on making the most of their time with their children.

However, there are situations in which you will have to revisit and make changes to a parenting plan. For instance, if you or the other parent plans to move, it can and will affect custody arrangements.

At a minimum, relocating can have an impact on where exchanges take place and maybe even which bus a child takes home from school. This can be the case when a parent moves into a new home in the same area.

When a move is further away, the impact will be more significant. For instance, it may no longer be feasible to exchange custody on a weekly or monthly basis when a parent moves to another state and is a plane ride away. If parental relocation means that a child would have to change schools or stop participating in certain extra-curricular activities, it may be wise for consider limiting visits with that parent to weekends or during the summer months.

Considering how much can change with one parent’s desire or need to move away, it is crucial that the appropriate legal measures are taken to protect the child and the rights of each parent.

Whether you are the one moving or you want to prohibit a relocating parent from taking your child without permission, legal guidance can be essential. Florida has strict laws on parental relocation with a child, and failure to comply with these laws can have serious consequences.

If you have questions or concerns about an upcoming move and how you can protect your child and your parental rights, then discussing your situation with an attorney as soon as possible will be important. Doing so can allow you to have the time and preparation you need to ensure the process is lawful and in the best interests of your child.