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Courts rarely award one parent 100 percent of the parenting time. The modern trend has been to allow both parents an opportunity to spend time with the child. Florida is no different. It is a matter of public policy to ensure that a child has continuing access and contact with both parents as much as possible. The courts are instructed to encourage parents to collaborate during divorces because it’s in the best interests of their child to ensure that they continue to get the love and support they need. This post will go over the factors you should consider when setting up a parenting plan.

Both parents are encouraged to confer and agree on the best course of action. If the parents are unable to agree, the court may assign one parent sole responsibility for a particular issue. In general, this is set up through the parenting plan. The parents are permitted to submit their own parenting plan, but if they are unable, the court may devise its own.

The plan will lay out parental responsibilities including visitation and custody rights. It is best if both you and the other parent agree on a parenting plan because if you do not, the court takes control of the situation.

If you are considering divorce, you may want to consult with a lawyer. Visitation and child custody issues can get complicated by legal and emotional matters. An attorney can help keep your head clear and come up with a legal strategy to ensure that you have access to your child.