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Johnny Depp is probably known as one of the biggest film stars in the world. He has had a long film career. Along with being known for his various movie roles (as well as his good looks), Depp is also known for his string of high-profile romantic relationships.

His most recent romance, according to media reports, is coming to an end. After about 15 months of marriage, Depp and actress Amber Heard are getting a divorce. The younger Heard, 31, filed the paperwork and has created quite the media frenzy by doing so. Within the buzz is the important question, “Why didn’t Depp get a prenup?”

Neither Depp nor Heard has confirmed the lack of a prenuptial agreement, but sources share that it looks as though Depp failed to create the marital contract before marrying Heard. It would have been in his best interest since he is the higher-earner and reportedly worth around $400 million, according to Yahoo News.

Some sources report that Depp’s other ex, Vanessa Paradis, is worried about this reported split. She and Depp have two children together. If Depp and Heard truly do not have a prenup, then there’s the chance that Depp could lose a significant amount of money — money that goes toward supporting his kids and padding their inheritance.

This celebrity divorce story serves as a learning moment for anyone out there who has kids and is getting married or remarried. There is nothing wrong with protecting your money and assets — it is the unselfish thing to do. The well-being of the children and their financial stability remains crucial, no matter one’s romantic status. To further understand why a prenuptial agreement is good for you and your financial security as well as the stability of your kids, talk to a divorce lawyer.

Depp’s is certainly a high-asset divorce. There is a lot of money on the line. But one doesn’t need to be worth his $400 million to still fit into the high-asset divorce classification. These divorces can be more complex than other cases due to retirement accounts, stock portfolios, various high-value properties and more. It is important for those with substantial wealth to rely on the counsel of an attorney with experience in high-asset family law cases to protect their interests and the interests of their children.