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Divorcing parents will generally be very concerned to know about the time sharing plans they will have with their ex-spouses. Time sharing plans determine when, where and how Florida children will spend time with their parents.

In the state of Florida, laws have changed a lot regarding time sharing of children after a divorce. In the past, a judge would devote a great deal of time to determining how and when children would spend time with each parent. However, these days, the focus is on encouraging parents to decide the details of their children’s care without court involvement. These days, the words “time sharing” and “parenting plans” have replaced the terms “visitation” and “child custody.”

The way parents resolve matters relating to time sharing and parenting plans involves meeting with their attorneys to sort out their parenting plan agreements. In the vast majority of cases, both sides are capable of reaching their own out-of-court agreements. Nevertheless, it is not inconceivable for one of the parties to refuse to come to agreement — and this could result in litigation in court to resolve the matter.

At the Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph, PA, our goal is to do whatever we can to reach an out-of-court settlement on behalf of our client regarding parenting plans and time sharing. This is more effective from a time and money saving perspective. It also helps parents reduce the stress, pain and emotional turmoil associated with divorce. However, if it is required, our firm will make every effort to defend the rights of Florida parents and their children, and pursue their matters all the way to court.