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Seven months ago, disc jockey Angie Vu was arrested after she allegedly tried to flee the country with her 9-year-old daughter. The woman has been in jail ever since then. Recently, a federal judge ruled that the disc jockey will be extradited to Paris in order to face charges in her child custody battle.

Angie Vu is no stranger to media attention. Previously, she appeared in Playboy and was dubbed “Asia’s sexiest DJ.” However, the latest media attention she has received is clearly less than optimal. Also, it should be noted that the accusations against her have not been proven in court.

United States marshals arrested Vu at John F. Kennedy Airport last November. Authorities claimed that she was traveling with her daughter to China with one-way tickets. From China, she planned to take her daughter to Vietnam, her birth country.

According to the federal judge who ruled to extradite Vu to Paris, Vu’s attempt to leave the country with her daughter was a violation of a French family court order. According to the order, her 9-month-year-old baby was supposed to be with her biological father, who has legal custody of the child. The judge said that ample evidence existed to show that the woman was fully aware she was acting in violation of the French family court order.

Vu was allowed to speak in court during oral arguments. She said that her attempts to seek justice for her daughter and herself have been long and challenging, and that she has a lot of strong emotions regarding the matter.

Vu could now face child abduction charges in France. However, her attorney claims that the father — Richard Froger — did not legally obtain child custody in France. Her attorney further claims that Vu’s plans to travel to Vietnam with her daughter were not suspicious.

International child custody battles can be complicated and difficult to navigate. Indeed, sometimes the laws of different countries and differing court orders need to be sorted through to determine which laws and which court orders will prevail. In such cases, it is absolutely vital that the litigants — the parents — have experienced legal counsel on their side.

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