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Court records indicate that Lisa Marie Presley has filed for divorce. The daughter of Elvis Presley has been married to musician Michael Lockwood for the last 10 years, but their pairing will soon be coming to a close. Lisa Marie, who is a musician in her own right, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup.

This breakup marks Lisa Marie’s fourth divorce. Previously, Lisa Marie was married to such famous individuals as Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie cited the date of separation from Lockwood as June 13. The divorce may be related to Lisa Marie getting sued by American Express after a $109,000 charge by Lockwood. Presley is currently conducting an audit of her and her husband’s finances.

Lisa Marie and Michael were married in 2006. They have two twin girls together. The girls are 7 years of age. According to news reports, Lisa Marie is requesting full custody of the children. She is also asking that Lockwood only be provided the opportunity to visit his children while supervised.

In most situations, judges in Florida will strive to give joint custody to both parents. However, in certain circumstances — depending on the facts related to both couples — a judge might award full child custody to one or the other parent, even if the parent losing custody disagrees. Then, in extreme situations, a judge might demand that the other parent only be allowed to see his or her children under supervision. This kind of situation might only happen if the other spouse has a criminal record of violent crime and/or a serious problem with drug abuse.

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