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The state of Florida has firm laws set in place to protect children; the rights of fathers to spend time with their children is not always automatic. As such, fathers sometimes need to assert their parental rights in court if they want to have a meaningful presence in the lives of their children.

Fortunately for fathers, one fairly recent development in Florida family law is the fact that what used to be known as “visitation laws” are now “time sharing laws.” Time sharing laws refer to the actual parenting plan that lays out the schedule for when and where a father will spend time with his or her children. The parenting plan also plays a role in how much a father will pay for child support.

When it comes to Florida divorce proceedings that involve children, a parenting plan must be submitted to the court as a part of the divorce process. In most cases, both sides willingly work together to come to a mutually agreed upon arrangement that is in the best interest of both the children and the parents. However, parents sometimes — for any number of reasons — are unable to work together toward a peaceful resolution in this regard.

When Florida parents cannot agree to parenting plan arrangements the matter will need to be determined at trial. At the Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph, PA, we stand by the fathers we represent every step of the way to ensure that they do not lose the right to have their children in their lives. Using every face of the law to come to our clients’ aid, we are always fully prepared to defend our clients’ rights all the way to trial when necessary.