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Divorce is never easy, and when children are involved, the process is even more difficult. This is largely because parents are not only trying to manage their own feelings and process the difficulty of separating from someone they used to be in love with, but they also have to try and manage and protect the sensitive feelings of their children through the process. This article will discuss three pieces of advice to help make divorce as stress-free as possible for your children.

First, parents should never make their children into pawns to get leverage on property division matters and financial disputes. In divorce negotiations, a parent might say that he or she will allow one spouse to have full custody of a child in exchange for receiving certain property division allotments in the negotiation of property rights. Using children like this can be extremely destructive for the self-esteem of the child.

Second, parents should do their best to cooperate and work with their ex-spouses wherever possible. Divorcing parents need to remember that they will never be completely free of their ex-spouses because they will need to make joint decisions about childrearing. By cooperating with the other parent, ex-spouses will avoid returning to court, and children will be made to feel more secure.

Third, parents should never criticize their ex-spouse in front of their children. Children should be free to have good relationships with both their parents and not be pressured to judge or think badly of either one of them.

By implementing the above strategies, Florida parents may be able to help their children navigate the divorce process in the most stress-free fashion possible. Parents may also wish to work with their attorneys and their future ex-spouses’ attorneys in a conciliatory and diplomatic fashion to facilitate the peaceful dissolution of their marriages.

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