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In order for a Broward parenting plan to be approved by a Florida family law court, parents need to include specific information and details inside it. They also need to ensure that the plan honors the rights of both parents and is clearly in the best interest of the children. For this reason, parents often turn to the assistance of an experienced family law attorney for help in these matters.

In the state of Florida, here is what a parenting plan needs to include:

— A description and provisions section that details the way parents will share their child-rearing responsibilities.

— A time-sharing schedule detailing how the children will spend time with both parents.

— Information about which parents will take charge of health care matters.

— Information about which parents will take charge of extracurricular activities and schools.

— Registration and determination information.

— The technologies and methods that parents plan to use in order to establish communication with the children.

The law in the state of Florida, and the general public policy, prefers that children frequently have regular and reliable contact with both of their parents following their separation. The law also encourages parents to both share in the responsibilities, rights and joys of rearing a child. In this respect, every parenting plan should strive to reflect this.

At the Law Office of Kelley A. Joseph, PA, we are here to help Florida parents construct fair and solid parenting plans. We know that each family is different, and in this respect, every family requires a unique plan that is perfectly tailored to their needs and the needs of their children.