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Uma Thurman’s ex-husband Arpad Busson is alleging that Thurman is abusing drugs in their child custody lawsuit. According to court documents submitted by Busson, Thurman is mixing drugs and alcohol and is also mentally ill. He has asserted these claims in the custody battle over their four-year-old daughter, Luna.

The allegations stated that Thurman has been taking Wellbutrin, Triazolam and Klonopin. In response to the allegations, Thurman’s attorney was able to stop the opposing counsel’s questions that targeted her use of three medications for insomnia, depression and anxiety, while also drinking alcohol.

Busson also stated in court that he did not like the school Thurman had chosen for their daughter. He said that students at the school appeared dirty and disheveled.

In legal documents, French financier Busson is also trying to change the child custody agreement that is currently in place between Thurman and him. His reason for the change relates to medical problems that make it difficult for him to travel — specifically, an infection that required him to remove a piece of his lung.

Busson is also stating that he cannot spend over 120 days in the United States per year due to tax planning concerns. He is asking to have 10 days per month to spend with his daughter, in addition to extended time during holidays. Thurman’s attorney says that seven days per month should be sufficient.

It is sad when the relationship between two parents grows toxic, but sometimes difficult disagreements must be navigated in court. When this occurs, Florida parents may want to have an experienced Florida family law attorney on their side who can be steadfast in advocating for their parental rights while seeking to maintain the best relations with the ex-spouse possible.

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